Research and development proposal and project support

KAM Futures can provide leadership and support for UK and EU funded research and development proposals.  This work can be undertaken with KAM Futures taking the lead SME partner on a proposal or in a supporting role for proposal reviewing and writing and risk analysis.

KAM Futures can undertake the project management responsibilities for UK and EU based research and development projects as well as undertaking the technical lead for business case development and risk management of single sector and multi sector projects.

The support for proposal writing can be undertaken as time charge basis or a fixed fee or win fee depending on the nature of the proposal and whether KAM Futures will be a project partner if the proposal is successful.



Specialist technical support

KAM Futures provides specialist technical support to a number of leading international technology and consultancy companies.  The technical support includes:


• Technical advice on the use of technology to address environmental issues

• Technical advice on the development and deployment of active traffic management and other advance transportation management techniques

• Strategic advice on developing new products and services

• Risk management of research and development projects and programs



KAM Futures People

KAM Futures is led by Keith McCabe who is an internationally recognised innovative thinker, with over 30 years of experience in the transport and ICT sectors.  During that time he has performed roles across the supply chain as client, contractor and consultant and in all stages of projects from the early conception through the installation and commissioning to the whole life maintenance and removal.